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Force vs elongation data for Kevlar129

  • Description: This is a benchmark of the experimental measurement for stress-strain curve for Kevlar 129 using vibroscopy using the multi-mean absolute error (multi-MAE) as a metric.



Model nameDataset MAE Team name Dataset size Date submitted Notes
favimat_1midas0.04561931978734177FAVIMAT101-14-2023CSV, JSON,, Info
favimat_3midas0.03048595737721519FAVIMAT101-14-2023CSV, JSON,, Info
favimat_5midas0.014005476450632912FAVIMAT101-14-2023CSV, JSON,, Info
favimat_4midas0.022466538698734183FAVIMAT101-14-2023CSV, JSON,, Info
favimat_2midas0.025900580359493667FAVIMAT101-14-2023CSV, JSON,, Info