class Run : public feasst::Action

Perform a number of trials.


  • num_trials: run this many trials (default: -1. e.g., None)

  • until_num_particles: run until this many particles (default: -1. e.g., None)

  • configuration_index: configuration for until_num_particles (default: 0).

  • particle_type: type of particle to count. If -1, all particles (default: -1).

  • for_hours: run for this many CPU hours (default: -1 e.g., None).

  • until_criteria_complete: run until Criteria is complete (default: false). Afterward, write all Analyze and Modify.

  • until_file_exists: run until input file name exists. Afterward, write all Analyze and Modify. If empty, skip (default: empty).

Arguments are completed in the order listed.