class Modify : public feasst::Stepper

Perform an action every so many trials that may change the system, criteria or trials.

Subclassed by feasst::CalculateCluster, feasst::GhostTrialGrow, feasst::ModifyFactory, feasst::ModifyUpdateOnly, feasst::PairDistribution, feasst::PressureFromTestVolume, feasst::Tune

Public Functions

virtual void initialize(Criteria *criteria, System *system, TrialFactory *trial_factory)

Initialize and precompute before trials.

virtual void trial(Criteria *criteria, System *system, Random *random, TrialFactory *trial_factory)

Check every trial if action is to be performed.

virtual void update(Criteria *criteria, System *system, Random *random, TrialFactory *trial_factory)

Perform update.

virtual std::string write(Criteria *criteria, System *system, TrialFactory *trial_factory)

Perform write.

class ModifyUpdateOnly : public feasst::Modify

This Modify does not perform writes.

Subclassed by feasst::CheckConstantVolume, feasst::CheckEnergy, feasst::CheckProperties, feasst::CriteriaUpdater, feasst::IncrementPhase, feasst::ReadConfigFromFile, feasst::WrapParticles