class TransitionMatrix : public feasst::Bias

Transition matrix flat histogram bias.

Direct calculation of liquid–vapor phase equilibria from transition matrix Monte Carlo simulation

Elucidating the effects of adsorbent flexibility on fluid adsorption using simple models and flat-histogram sampling methods.

Public Functions

TransitionMatrix(const argtype &args = argtype())


  • min_visits : A sweep is performed when all macrostates are visited by another macrostate this number of times (default: 100).

  • min_sweeps : Number of sweeps required for completion.

  • num_blocks : Number of blocks (default: 30).

void update_or_revert(const int macrostate_old, const int macrostate_new, const double ln_metropolis_prob, const bool is_accepted, const bool revert)

Update the bias due to an attempted transition.

int min_sweeps() const

Return the minimum sweeps required for completion.

void set_num_iterations(const int iteration)

Set the number of iterations required for completion. In TransitionMatrix and WLTM, this is the minimum number of sweeps. In WangLandau, this is the minimum number of flatness checks. Afterward, check again for completeness.

const LnProbability &ln_prob() const

The natural log of the macrostate probability.

void set_ln_prob(const LnProbability &ln_prob)

Set the macrostate probability distribution.

void infrequent_update()

Perform an infrequent update to the bias.