class FileVMD
class FileXYZ

HWH Add html link to XYZ format Note that the load() function reads the box length from the second line according to the format [id lx ly lz] Note HWH: best not to assume this second line format by default

Public Functions

void load(const std::string file_name, Configuration *config) const

Load the xyz file with file_name into the configuration. If no particles in the configuration, try to use the first particle type.

void write(const std::string file_name, const Configuration &config, const int num_decimal_places = 8) const

  • num_decimal_places: Number of decimal places

Write the configuration to file_name in xyz format. If the simulation is 2D, simply writes z as 0.

void set_append(const int append = 0)

By default, do not append.