class SelectParticleAVBDivalent : public feasst::TrialSelect

Using the first particle in perturbed, select another particle that has site_index inside the aggregation volume (AV) of target_site_index.

Public Functions

SelectParticleAVBDivalent(const argtype &args = argtype())


  • target_site_index: index of target site (default: 0).

  • site_index: index of site on particle_type to put in AV of target site (default: 0).

  • ghost: true if selecting a ghost (for adding).

  • neighbor_index: NeighborCriteria index contained in System (default: 0).

bool select(const Select &perturbed, System *system, Random *random)

  • perturbed: Perturbed is included to allow chaining of selection based on previous.

Perform the selection as implemented in the derived class. Return false if the selection cannot be made. Otherwise, return true.