class RigidAngle : public feasst::BondThreeBody

U(r) = 0 when the absolute value of the difference between the actual angle and the degrees parameter is less than delta. Otherwise, U(r) = NEAR_INFINITY.

Public Functions

double energy(const double radians, const Bond &angle) const

Return the energy of interaction given an angle in radians.

double random_angle_radians(const Angle &angle, const double beta, const int dimension, Random *random) const

Return one angle to form an angle bond.

void random_branch(const Angle &a2a1m1, const Angle &a2a1m2, const Angle &m1a1m2, const double beta, const bool is_position_held, double *radians_a2a1m1, double *radians_a2a1m2, double *radians_m1a1m2, Random *random, double *ln_met, const Position *const a1, const Position *const a2, const Position *const m1, const Position *const m2) const

Return three random angles to form a branch.