class AnalyzeData

Subclassed by feasst::AccumulatorAverage, feasst::AccumulatorMoment, feasst::AccumulatorSum, feasst::AccumulatorSumOfSquared

class AccumulatorAverage : public feasst::AnalyzeData

Obtain Accumulator average in Analyze.

class AccumulatorSum : public feasst::AnalyzeData

Obtain Accumulator sum.

class AccumulatorSumOfSquared : public feasst::AnalyzeData

Obtain Accumulator sum of squared.

class AccumulatorMoment : public feasst::AnalyzeData

Obtain the average moment of Accumulator.

class SeekAnalyze

Find Analyze with class name.

Public Functions

std::vector<int> index(const std::string class_name, const MonteCarlo &mc) const

Return the indices, where the first is mc.analyze index. If inside AnalyzeFactory, the second is the index of the factory. Otherwise, the second index is -1. Only the first match is returned.

const Analyze &reference(const std::string class_name, const MonteCarlo &mc) const

Return an Analyzer of given name.

std::vector<double> multistate_data(const std::string class_name, const MonteCarlo &mc, const AnalyzeData &get = AccumulatorAverage()) const

For multistate Analyze with given class_name, Return average Accumulator as a function of state.

param get:

Optionally specify where to get data from Analyze