class FormulaSineWave : public feasst::Formula

\(y = shift + amplitude*\sin(2\pi (x - phase)/ width)\)

Public Functions

FormulaSineWave(argtype args = argtype())


  • amplitude: the amplitude (deviation from “average”) of the wave (default: 1).

  • width: the width of the periodicity, w, in x units (default: 2 \(\pi\)).

  • phase: shift the wave to the right in units of x (default: 0).

  • shift: shift the wave up in units of y (default: documented below).

double amplitude() const

Return the amplitude.

double width() const

Return the width.

double phase() const

Return the phase.

double default_shift() const

Return the default value for the shift input argument.

double shift() const

Return the shift.

double nearest_minimum(const double x) const

Return the x-value of the minimum nearest to the point with the given x-value.

double nearest_maximum(const double x) const

Same as above, but for maximum.