class SlabSine : public feasst::ShapeIntersect

Intersection of two parallel HalfSpaceSine. To impose 3-fold symmetry about the Cartesian origin and axes, The phases of the upper and lower HalfSpaceSine are adjusted. In particular, a quarter width of the sine wave is subtracted from the phase of the upper, and a quarter width is added to the phase of the lower. Thus, if FormulaSineWave has zero phase, then the crest of the upper and trough of the lower correspond with the zero in the wave dimension. Thus, the origin is the widest region when zero phase is given. If FormulaSineWave has half-width phase, then the origin is the most narrow region. Note that Domain::side_length in the wave_dimension must be an integer number of widths for periodicity.


  • dimension: The slab surface is perpendicular to this dimensional axis.

  • wave_dimension : the wave travels along this dimension.

  • average_bound0: Set an average lower or upper value of the slab.

  • average_bound1: Set the second average bound, upper or lower, respectively.

  • FormulaSineWave arguments.