class TrialGibbsParticleTransfer : public feasst::TrialFactoryNamed

Attempt TrialGibbsParticleTransferOneWay with equal probability in either direction. See


  • configuration_index0: index of one of the configurations (default: 0).

  • configuration_index1: index of the other configuration (default: 1).

  • TrialSelectParticle arguments.

class TrialGibbsParticleTransferOneWay : public feasst::Trial

Attempt to transfer a particle from one configuration to another.

Public Functions

TrialGibbsParticleTransferOneWay(argtype args = argtype())


  • to_configuration_index: index of configuration to send the particle.

  • configuration_index: from TrialSelect, configuration which donates a particle (default: 0).