class ActionExample : public feasst::Action

Add an action to FEASST by using this file as a template and instruction set. Follow the same steps detailed in /feasst/plugin/example/README.rst. In summary, copy action_example.[h/cpp] to new_name.[h/cpp], replace ActionExample with NewName, then replace ACTION_EXAMPLE with NEW_NAME.

An Action is serializable, meaning that a restarted simulation will still complete the action in the order specified in the text file. Unlike Stepper/Analyze/Modify, Action happens only once per instance.

In this example, an Analyze/Modify of given name is forced to write to file. This is convenient for example printing the very last update to FlatHistogram. This is a duplicate of WriteStepper class.


  • analyze_name: The Analyze::class_name() to print to file. If empty, do nothing (default: empty).

  • modify_name: The Modify::class_name() to print to file (default: empty). If empty, do nothing (default: empty).