Mobile Threat Catalogue



Threat Category: Network Threats: Bluetooth


Threat Description: Bluesnarfing is a vulnerability that adversaries can take advantage of to exfiltrate data from the target device without the user’s knowledge or interaction.

Threat Origin

Guide to Bluetooth Security (SP 800-121) 1

Exploit Examples

Studying Bluetooth Malware Propagation: The BlueBag Project 2

CVE Examples

Not Applicable

Possible Countermeasures

Mobile Device User

To reduce opportunity for this attack on vulnerable devices, disable Bluetooth when that feature is not in use. Note: per NIST SP 800-121 Revision 1, some older devices possessed a firmware vulnerability enabling this exploit.

To reduce opportunity for this attack while Bluetooth is in use, operate the device in a secure location away from windows and doors, outside of which the probability an attacker can establish Bluetooth communication is remote.


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