Mobile Threat Catalogue

Compromise leading to distribution of rogue / malicious applications


Threat Category: Mobile Application Store

ID: ECO-10

Threat Description: Malicious applications are placed into an application repository and made available for download, or malicious applications are sideloaded onto mobile devices.

Threat Origin

Not Applicable, See Exploit or CVE Examples

Exploit Examples

Not Applicable

CVE Examples

Not Applicable

Possible Countermeasures


To decrease the probability that unvetted apps are malicious, prohibit users from sideloading apps or downloading apps from unofficial and unauthorized app stores

Use app threat intelligence data to identify malicious applications unknowingly distributed through official or unofficial application stores.

Use features such as Apple iOS Managed Apps, Android for Work, or Samsung KNOX Workspace that provide some level of separation between personal apps and enterprise apps to mitigate the impact of malicious behaviors.

Use app-vetting tools or services to determine if enterprise applications appear free of malicious behaviors before authorizing their installation.

Host vetted apps within a locally controlled repository of an application store, such as F-Droid 1


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