class Potential

A potential represents both the model and the method used to compute the model (e.g., VisitModel) for a given Configuration. A potential also allows customization of the model parameters templated but separate from those in the Configuration.


  • group_index: set the index of the group in the configuration which contributes to this potential (default: 0, representing entire config).

  • group: name of group defined within system (default: “”). Cannot be used with group_index.

  • cell_index: set the index of the cell, only used with VisitModelCell. This also overrides group_index.

  • prevent_cache: set this to true in order to prevent the use of cache (default: False)

  • table_size: set size of tabular potential (default: 0). Do not use table if size <= 0.

  • [parameter]/[i]/[j]: as described in Configuration arguments.

  • Model: derived class Model name (default: ModelEmpty).

  • VisitModel: derived class VisitModel name (default: VisitModel).