class Perturb

Perturbations to the system include the following types:

  1. move (single particle, regrowth, cluster moves).

  2. add/remove (grand canonical).

  3. change type (swap, growth expanded).

  4. change parameter (temperature, criteria swap bound).

Perturbations may be followed up by one of the two following options:

  1. Revert the perturbation. For example, if a particle is moved, then restore the positions of that particle to the original.

  2. Finalize the perturbation. For example, if a selected particle is accepted for deletion, the particle is deleted in the finalize step.

Subclassed by feasst::PerturbAdd, feasst::PerturbAddAVB, feasst::PerturbBeta, feasst::PerturbModel, feasst::PerturbMove, feasst::PerturbParticleType, feasst::PerturbRemove, feasst::PerturbSiteType, feasst::PerturbVolume