Submit a New Code

How to submit a code to the list of suggested codes

Call for Community Codes

This website is intended to help users make their own decisions regarding the suitability of the available codes for their research goals. For example, all codes are not equally suited to for solving all types of physics that may be incorporated into phase field models. Or, a certain trade-off between performance and flexibility may be needed. The numerical performance of the codes for the various benchmark problems will likely form the major basis for comparison, but other factors may be considered, such as the ease of installation, the learning curve to use the code, software compatiblity with different computing platforms, and available documentation.


If you develop or use a code for phase field simulations, you are encouraged to submit it for inclusion on this site if it meets the following criteria.

  1. Input files for at least one of the benchmark problems are publicly available.

  2. The program used to run the input files is available to other researchers with an appropriate license agreement.

  3. The program is distributed with documentation to help new users install the software and come up to speed on its use for solving phase field problems.

Note that these criteria do not exclude proprietary or closed-source software, so long as the benchmark problems can be implemented in an open format. However, if your code is “internal use only” or lacks documentation, we cannot consider it a “community code.”


After your code is added to the list, please upload at least one benchmark result to provide users with a side-by-side comparison.

How to Submit

To add a code to the list, you need to interact with the GitHub repository for this website. Update the codes.yaml file in the repository and submit a pull-request.

The YAML file includes fields for the name of the code, a link to an image logo, a description and a home page. For example,

- name: My Great Phase Field Code
  description: The Fastest Phase Field Solver in the West
    - href:
    - name: Cahn-Hilliard
      href: http://a/link.ipynb.html

Badges can be added for services such as Openhub and Travis CI. Please include the license badge and an Openhub badge at a minimum. Also, include links to any available annotated phase field examples.