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Please feel free to submit your own benchmark results using the benchmark upload form . This site aims to provide a facility for practitioners to upload results from their phase field codes to compare and contrast with results from other phase field codes. Phase field enthusiasts are encouraged to upload benchmark results.
Benchmark Specifications
Benchmark problems vetted by the community to test, validate and verify phase field codes

Diffusion of a solute in a matrix

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Results: 1a | 1b | 1c | 1d

Coupling of conserved and non-conserved dynamics

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Results: 2a | 2b | 2c | 2d

Solidification and dendritic growth in a single-component

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Results: 3a

Linear elasticity via evolution of a constrained precipitate

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Incompressible Stokes flow in 2D

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Results: 5a | 5b

Coupled electrostatics and Cahn-Hilliard dynamics

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Results: 6a | 6b

Use the Method of Manufactured Solutions to verify codes

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Results: 7a | 7b | 7c

Homogeneous nucleation benchmark

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Results: 8a | 8b | 8c
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