class TrialMorphExpanded : public feasst::Trial

Grand canonical insert/deletion by gradual growth/shrink with expanded ensembles.

As currently implemented, only one MacrostateMorph can be used at a time, due to the way that the current state is tracked.

While this methodology is essentially equivalent to the growth expanded ensemble, it was renamed morph because it is more general than adding sites to a polymer chain. However, each particle type could be a polymer chain with a variable number of interacting sites (e.g., modified epsilon/sigma). Thus morph expanded is equivalent to growth expanded in this special case.

Each particle type in the growth sequence can have simultaneous changes in ModelParams such as Epsilon, Sigma, CutOff and Charge as the particle is slowly morphed from an particle with a high insertion/deletion acceptance to the desired particle. Note that the chemical potential of each particle type may be manually-tuned in an attempt to reduce the free-energy differences during morph trials.