class Tunable

A tunable parameter attempts to reach a target value of acceptance by modifying it by a percentage.

The parameter value is changed by the following formula:

value *= 1 + percent_change*(actual - target)

where actual is the average trial acceptance and target is the target trial acceptance. The relationship between the target and the parameter is assumed by the sign of percent_change. By default, the precent_change = 1, which leads to an inverse relationship between the parameter value and the trial acceptance. For example, a maximum displacement parameter with an actual acceptance of 32% and a target acceptance of 25% would be increased by 7% in an attempt to bring the acceptance down to the target value.


Tunable(argtype args = argtype())


  • tunable_param: initial value of the tunable parameter (default: 0.1).

  • tunable_target_acceptance: optionally set target acceptance (default: 0.25).

  • tunable_percent_change: optionally set the percent change (default: 1).