class AnalyzeExample : public feasst::Analyze

Add an analysis to FEASST by using this file as a template and instruction set. Follow the same 4 steps detailed in /feasst/plugin/example/include/model_example.h In summary, copy analyze_example.[h/cpp] to new_name.[h/cpp], replace AnalyzeExample with NewName, Replace ANALYZE_EXAMPLE with NEW_NAME, and finally cd /path/to/feasst/build; python ../py/depend-py -s ../

For more inspiration, take a look at the other existing Analyze in the stepper plugin, such as Movie, Log or PairDistribution.

In this example, compute the average geometric center of all site positions.


  • group_index: index of group defined in Configuration (default: 0, which is all existing sites).

  • Stepper arguments.

Note that Stepper, which is the Base class of Analyze, already contains the vast majority of arguments that are required.