System Requirements#


See the Glossary for the meaning of the acronyms used in this guide.

Single Machine#

The minimum and recommended system requirements for standing up an on-premises deployment on a single host machine are as follows:


Intel or AMD-based x86-64 processor with 8+ physical cores at 1.90GHz or higher (minimum), Intel Xeon Processor with 20+ physical cores at 2.2GHz or higher (recommended)


1 Nvidia Tesla K80 (Kepler) GPU (minimum), 2+ Nvidia Tesla V100 (Volta) GPUs or better (recommended)


2GB per physical core (minimum), 4GB per physical core or higher (recommended)

NFS Mount [optional]

1TB of shared storage (minimum), 2TB or more shared storage (recommended)

Local Storage

500GB/1TB solid state drive (minimum with NFS/minimum no NFS), 1TB/2TB solid state drive or better (recommended with NFS/recommended without NFS)

Operating System

Ubuntu 20.04 LTS (recommended)

Docker Engine

Stable release

Other Recommendations

Remote SSH access

The NFS mount is intended for the storing and sharing of large datasets, which are mounted as read-only folders in the Testbed Workers. While it is optional for a single machine deployment, we recommend that you consider setting up a NFS share anyway as a future-proofing step, as it will make it easier to switch to a distributed deployment if the need arises.

Maintainers of GPU-capable host machines should also follow these directions to enable GPU access in the containers