Monitor histograms

All model’s automatically generate a histogram for a datapoint each time the model datasets are mutated and save the histogram to the current_hist namespace. This allows you to view a measurement’s distribution at each scan point in a scan as it runs. To view these histograms, create an applet for viewing the histogram with the following command

$python -m scan_framework.applets.plot_hist current_hist.bins --x current_hist.bin_boundaries
--x_units current_hist.x_units --x_label current_hist.x_label --plot_title current_hist.plot_title

It’s contents will automatically be updated by a scan. For example, in a microwave frequency scan, the current_hist.bins dataset will contain the distribution of the current scan point after all repetitions of the measurement at that point are compete. To turn off monitor histograms, set self.enable_histograms = False in your model.