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Polarized Light Scattering C++ Class Library

SCATMECH is an object-oriented C++ class library developed to distribute models for light scattering applications. Included in the library are models for diffuse surface scattering that predict the bidirectional reflectance distribution function (BRDF), codes for calculating scattering by isolated particles, and codes for reflection, transmission, and diffraction from gratings. Emphasis has been given to those diffuse scatter models that are physics-based and which predict the polarization properties of the scattered light. The library also includes a number of classes that are useful for working with polarized light or the optics of thin films. The library is designed to enable expansion of new models.

Current Version

Download version 7.22 (April 2021)
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Thomas A. Germer

Modeled Integrated Scatter Tool (MIST)

The MIST program has been developed to provide users with a general application to model an integrated scattering system. The program performs an integration of the bidirectional reflectance distribution function (BRDF) over solid angles specified by the user and allows the dependence of these integrals on model parameters to be investigated. The MIST program can access any model inheriting BRDF_Model. See MIST GitHub page to download the latest version.

Table of Contents

Classes and Functions

Example Programs

Console Interface
Writing your own BRDF_Model
Compiling the Library
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Current SCATMECH version: 7.22 (April 2021)