The Global City Teams Challenge (GCTC) program is a collaborative platform for the development of smart cities and communities, led by National Institute of Standards and Technology, a bureau of U.S. Department of Commerce, in partnership with other U.S. federal agencies including U.S. Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology Directorate (DHS S&T), National Science Foundation, International Trade Administration, and National Telecommunications and Information Administration. It enables local governments, nonprofit organizations, academic institutions, technologists, and corporations from all over the world to form project teams, or “action clusters,” and “SuperClusters,” to work on groundbreaking Internet of Things (IoT) and Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) applications within the city and community environment.

In its 2018 round, NIST and DHS S&T will co-host the GCTC- Smart and Secure Cities and Communities Challenge (SC3) program and will encourage participating teams to have additional focus on cybersecurity and privacy as the first order concern, as well as all existing GCTC goals such as replicability, scalability and sustainability.

Long-Term Goal

“To establish and demonstrate replicable, scalable, and sustainable models for incubation and deployment of interoperable, secure, standard-based solutions using advanced technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT) and Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) and demonstrate their measurable benefits in cities and communities.”

Upcoming events

June 20-22, 2018
The Oregon Convention Center, Portland, OR, USA

GCTC-SC3 Tech Jam Conference 2018

How to Participate

Learn how to create an action cluster and exhibit/speak at the GCTC-SC3 events

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Current and Past Municipal Action Clusters

Participating Municipal Governments (2017 ROUND)

Addis Ababa city, Ethiopia | Ado-Odo/Ota Local Government, Nigeria | Alameda County, CA | Allegheny County, PA | Asakusa-Tokyo, Japan | Assisi, Italy | Austin, TX | Baltimore, MD | Bari, Italy | Bellevue, WA | Biase Local Government, Nigeria | Boston, MA | Bristol, UK | Burlington, VT | Busan, South Korea | Calabar Municipal Local Government, Nigeria | Calabar South Local Government, Nigeria | Cary, NC | Chesapeake, VA | Cheung Prey Village, Cambodia | Chicago, IL | Chula Vista, CA | Cleveland, OH | Columbus, OH | Conover, NC | Coudersport Area Municipal Authority, PA | Coudersport Borough, PA | Daegu City, South Korea | Daxing District, Beijing, China | Denton, TX | Detroit, MI | El Paso, TX | Eulalia Township, PA | Florence, Italy | Fontana, CA | Fujisawa, Japan | Galway City, Ireland | Genoa, Italy | Goyang City, Korea | Grand Rapids, MI | Greenville, SC | Greenwich Borough, UK | Grenoble, France | Gwinnett County, GA | Hampton, VA | Helsinki, Finland | Hermosa Beach, CA | Ikom Local Government, Nigeria | Kansas City, MO | Kaohsiung City, Taiwan | La Marsa Community, Tunisia | Lahti, Finland | Las Vegas, NV | Leitrim, Ireland | Los Angeles, CA, | Loudoun County, VA | Manila, Philippines | Mayo, Ireland | Milan, Italy | Montgomery County, MD | Nashville TN | Newport News, VA | Norfolk, VA | Ogoja Local Government, Nigeria | Onagawa Town, Japan | Oulu, Finland | Passaic County, NJ | Perugia, Italy | Pisa, Italy | Pittsburgh, PA | Portland, OR | Porto, Portugal | Portsmouth, VA | Raahe, Finland | Reno, NV | Rohnert Park, CA | Roscommon, Ireland | Ross Valley, CA | Safety Harbor, FL | Saitama, Japan | Salo, Finland | San Diego, CA | San Francisco, CA | San Leandro, CA | San Mateo County, CA | Santa Rosa, CA | Schenectady, NY | Seattle, WA | Shiojiri City, Japan | Shirahama Town, Japan | Sligo, Ireland | Sonoma County, CA | St. Louis, MO | Suwon City, South Korea | Taichung City, Taiwan | Taipei City, Taiwan | Tallahassee, FL | Tampere, Finland | Taoyuan City, Taiwan | Torino, Italy | Tsukuba, Japan | Turin, Italy | Turku, Finland | Virginia Beach, VA | Wake County, NC | Washington DC | Washoe County, NV | Wayne County, MI | Westminster, MD | Williamsburg, VA | Winooski, VT | York County, VA | Chapel Hill, NC | New York, NY | Orlando, FL | Gainesville, FL | Houston, TX | Arlington County, VA | Alexandria, VA | Penghu County, Taiwan | New Taipei City, Taiwan | Tainan City, Taiwan

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