Terms and Conditions

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Request Account

In order to submit trojan detection solutions to the NIST test and evaluation server you need to contact the NIST T&E team ( to request access.

Google Drive will be used to submit solutions to the server, so you will need to create or use an existing Google Drive account.

When you email to request your account please include:

  1. Team Name (alpha-numeric, no special characters, no spaces)

  2. Google Drive Account email you will be submitting from

  3. Point of contact email address at your institution

Team names need to be unique across the set of all performers submitting to the NIST test and evaluation server, so you might be requested to pick another team name if a naming conflict arises (team names are first come first serve).

Only containers submitted from the email you notified NIST about will be considered for evaluation, all other container images shared with the NIST Google Drive account will be ignored.

NIST operates two test servers (see Test Servers). Indicate which (or both) servers you would like accounts on.

Verify Team Creation

Once the NIST T&E team creates your account it will show up on the leaderboard website Jobs table.

Note: the leaderboard website only updates every few minutes. The webpage includes a last updated timestamp to indicate when content was last pushed.