Deployed PPI

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The purpose of the Deployed PPI Subgroup is to identify and describe existing Smart City technologies for community deployments that cross multiple architectures, infrastructures, or domains and expose PPI.

These deployments need to be “discovered” and analyzed so that they can be compared to the growing list of PPIs identified in the Consensus PPI Working group.


Through examination of current Global Cities Team Challenge action clusters and other example Cities, the working group will identify 5-10 “super cluster” Cities with existing multi-domain deployments. Once identified we will document critical elements that enable/inhibit:

  • Integration of multiple domains and data sources
  • Integration of multiple technologies
  • Leveraging of multiple forms of connectivity
  • Balancing and managing risk
  • Cross organizational, regulatory and policy boundaries


The working group will deliver a series of case studies (unique and diverse in scope and size) that outline the decisions/rational for the following:

  • Background
  • Deployment environment
  • Supporting architecture components, e.g., data, organizations, hardware, people
  • Use Cases
  • Replicable and sustainable components
  • Conclusions and additional PPIs

Major Milestones:

  • Share progress of EU workshop with US workshop chair (DONE)- DAVID
  • Identify prime cities before next Friday 22nd - ALL
  • Set up a call for all US/EU for next Friday 22nd)- DAVID
  • Begin to formulate questions and circulate for feedback & David (based on cen/cenelec/etsi work)
  • Agree survey questions and start collecting city data by 15 May
  • Survey 15 may – 15 June
  • Present initial finding at Austin TX workshop
  • Have a WG3 meeting (f2f and GTM) at Austin TX)
  • Continue survey over summer (questionable)?
  • Merge responses from cities into a useful format June – Aug (noting Aug is holiday period)
  • Begin formulation of initial report September
  • Develop report Sept – December

Working Group Files

Draft interview questions (document)
Smart City Interview questions draft 20160615