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The purpose of the Consensus PPI is to analyze:

  • Existing exemplary Smart City Architecture and Internet of Things (IoT) descriptions including:
    • Standards, specifications
    • Architectures, frameworks, conceptual models
    • Platforms, protocols, environments
  • Document their overlapping concerns such as functionality, data, timing, trustworthiness, etc…

  • Determine the common “properties” (solutions) specified in these overlapping concerns such as third party authentication, data encryption, time synchronization, data formats/ontologies

  • Document these “PPI” and show the overlaps, gaps, and commonalities of choices made by the creators of the reviewed descriptions


  • Set of analyzed suites according to CPSFramework Aspects/Concerns spreadsheet
  • Description of Methodology
  • Text for the IES-City Framework Document section on Consensus PPI

Major Milestones

  • [October 2017] Complete analyses
  • [November 2017] Complete draft Text
  • [November/December 2017] Participate in IES-City Framework version 0.7 Workshop introduction
  • [December 2017-February 2018] Review Comments
  • [February 2017] Publish IES-City Framework version 1.0

List of Technologies Being Analyzed

Note: this activity will not judge the merits or comparative benefits of any technology. It seeks only to research the potential common Pivotal Points of Interoperability (PPI) that they have in common. Therefore there is a mix of standards, specifications, and commercial suites and ecosystems in the analysis. Analysis by any proponent is purely voluntary. This list will vary during the progress of the project.

Status (initiating, in-progress, completed) Technology Contact Link
in-progress OpenIOT Arkady Zaslavsky
in-progress The FIWARE Architecture for Smart Cities Stephano de Panafilis
in-progress oneM2M (Standards for M2M and the Internet of Things) Architecture SeungMyeong Jeong
in-progress Connected Vehicle Reference Implementation Architecture David Binkley
in-progress E015 Digital Ecosystem Emiliano Sergio Verga
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Working Group Files

AspectsConcerns_20160418.xlsm (document)
Draft spreadsheet of CPS Framework Extended Concerns
IES-CityFrameworkConsensusPPI_20160415.pptx (document)
Presentation at workshop by Marty Burns
CPS PWG Framework V0.8 (document)
First public review draft of CPS Framework
CPS PWG Timing Annex for Draft Framework for Cyber-Physical Systems Release 0.8 September 2015 (document)
DRAFT Timing Framework for Cyber-Physical Systems Technical Annex: Release 0.8