AC-1 0.2.0 2020/08/13 false true false Guidance here. 1 2 3 false Control impact higher than lowest control enhancement impact. Control Enhancement impact lower than control impact. CM-7(4) impact as high or higher than CM-7(5) impact. Blacklisting and whitelisting cannot be applied simultaneously, and whitelisting is more restrictive than blacklisting. Control Enhancement must have LOW, MODERATE, or HIGH impact if adding supplemental guidance. Cross-reference to Control Enhancement without added supplemental guidance. Controls from all families ACCESS CONTROL Rationale here. ACCESS CONTROL POLICY AND PROCEDURES 1 false Selected Selected Selected Guidance here.

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needle and thread Security Control Editor tab:
factory NIST SP 800-82 (Revision 2) Industrial Control Systems overlay:
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Security Control Editor Cyber Framework Browser Cross References Framework Profile
Framework core function:


Remove subcategory from the Framework Profile. Add subcategory to the Framework Profile.

Informative References to NIST SP 800-53:

family Open security control family in a new browser tab.
Open security control definition in a new browser tab. factory Open NIST SP 800-82 ICS Overlay tailoring for security control definition in a new browser tab. link Show Framework Core subcategories referencing . needle and thread Tailor security control.
Open security control catalog in a new browser tab. (except )
Check/uncheck the subcategory box to add to or remove the subcategory from the profile. Click the subcategory button to show its Framework Core information.
XML representation:
Baselines: LOW 1 MOD 2 HIGH 3 N/A 4 Defaults Check LOW, MODERATE, and HIGH boxes. Restrict controls to Framework Profile informative references:

Control family:


Framework Core Subcategories Referencing Show Framework Core subcategories referencing .

Control Enhancement Name
Open security control definition in a new browser tab. factory Open NIST SP 800-82 ICS Overlay tailoring for security control definition in a new browser tab.
( )
LOW 1 MOD 2 HIGH 3 N/A 4
LOW 1 MOD 2 HIGH 3 N/A 4
NO false YES true
XML representation:
Additional Supplemental Guidance:
Control Enhancement ( ) Additional Supplemental Guidance:
Rationale for changing the baseline:
Framework Core subcategories referencing control :
Show Framework Core definition.

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