Source code for pymcr.condition

""" Functions to condition / preprocess data """
import numpy as _np

__all__ = ['standardize']

[docs]def standardize(X, mean_ctr=True, with_std=True, axis=-1, copy=True): """ Standardization of data Parameters ---------- X : ndarray Data array mean_ctr : bool Mean-center data with_std : bool Normalize by the standard deviation of the data axis : int Axis from which to calculate mean and standard deviation copy : bool Copy data (X) if True, overwite if False """ if copy: Xsc = 1*X else: Xsc = X if mean_ctr: Xsc -= X.mean(axis=axis, keepdims=True) if with_std: Xsc /= X.std(axis=axis, keepdims=True) return Xsc