Proprietary Fingerprint Template III
API for participating in NIST's evaluation of proprietary fingerprint template algorithms.
Proprietary Fingerprint Template III Documentation


This is the API that must be implemented to participate in the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)'s Proprietary Fingerprint Template III Evaluation (PFT III).


A pure-virtual (abstract) class called PFTIII::Interface has been defined. Participants must implement all methods of PFTIII::Interface in a subclass, and submit this implementation as a shared library. The name of the library must follow the instructions outlined in the test plan, and be identical to the required information returned from PFTIII::Interface::getIdentification(). A test application will link against the submitted library, instantiate an instance of the implementation by calling PFTIII::Interface::getImplementation(), and perform various template creation and comparison operations.


Additional information regarding the Proprietary Fingerprint Template Evaluation by emailing the test liaisons at


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