Federated Communications White Paper

Our goal is produce a referenced white paper that can be published and that represents our consensus on the requirements for a common capability that will facilitate our work on federated test beds for Cyber-Physical Systems. It is hoped that the white paper can facilitate the creation (independent of this effort) of a communications means that can satisfy the experienced-based requirements derived by the authors.

This project intends to produce the white paper defining the requirements for communications underlying testbed federation for Cyber-Physical Systems. We are trying to distill the expertise of a small group of researchers who have built and developed federated testbed architectures in the Smart Grid, Smart Transportation and Defense CPS domains to name a few. We want to distinguish the scope as that of communications for federated experiments and below the “application” layer objects and federation models.

To achieve this goal, we will work over the course of several meetings each three weeks and collaborate in editing the white paper on a shared google drive (thanks to Himanshu of Vanderbilt for spinning it up quickly). We have established google docs versions of the white paper and a requirements assessment spreadsheet that can be edited on line. Our optimistic goal is to complete the white paper in a few months.

Please contact me, Martin Burns (NIST) if you are interested in participating.

Here is the concept of the document outline and what we seemed to agree made sense:

  • Section 1 is an overview to describe the problem and purpose of the white paper
  • Section 2 describes topics and use cases describing the needs of federated testbed communications
  • Section 3 is a set of requirements in bullet or short sentence form. Section 3 is to be enhanced with an analysis table (the spreadsheet) where the rows are the requirements and the columns are