The purpose of this page is to allow visitors and participants to see what teams are doing and how you might be involved. We expect that as you review the overviews of participant teams and their plans, you may consider how to cooperate with an existing team or start a new team. Comments and ideas are all welcome.

Phase II Project Teams

Phase II officially launched on April 20 and Phase II teams will be updated as they join or are formed. Organizations may participate in more than one team. Collaborators may be welcome to join an existing team.

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL)

  • Introduction to Team project HERE
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

  • Introduction to Team project HERE
  • National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)

  • Introduction to Team project HERE
  • Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)

  • Introduction to Team project HERE
  • Vanderbilt University

  • Introduction to Team project HERE
  • University of Puerto Rico (UPR)

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  • Dartmouth University



    Phase I Project Teams

    Information regarding the 2016 Phase I teams is posted here.

    Business/Regulatory Models

    • Define fundamental business/regulatory model types
    • Characterize/define interfaces among the participants (physical/financial)
    • Identify legislative regulator features applicable to each model

    Plans and Publications
    Team lead
    John Caldwell, EEI

    Bluewave Resources
    TeMix, Inc.
    Robert Hershey

    Reference Grid and Scenarios for TE Simulation

    • Develop a reference grid design and interoperability requirements to in turn allow testing of different TE approaches using different simulation tools while producing comparable results for a set of agreed on scenarios.
    • Keep it simple from beginning - One complexity at a time

    Plans and Publications
    Team lead
    Khaled Masri, NEMA


    TE Demo for Microgrid Energy Management

    • Scalability – Account for devices inside of building to full external market
    • Theoretical grounding – transactive
    • Graceful degradation

    Plans and Publications
    Team lead
    Jennifer Worrall, Cleanspark

    Univ. of Oklahoma
    The Energy Mashup Lab
    General Microgrids
    Tata Consultancy

    Common Transactive Services

    • Align what is simulated with real TE message exchanges by finding common meanings across environments

    Plans and Publications
    Team lead
    William Cox, EML and Shawn Chandler, Navigant

    The Energy Mashup Lab
    Caltech Resnick Institute

    Co-Simulation Platforms

    • Create an “Open Platform” for integrating and coordinating across a diverse suite of modeling and simulation tools, and conduct integrated experiments.

    Plans and Publications
    Team lead
    Himanshu Neema, Marija Ilic

    U Maryland

    Transactive ADR

    • Advance TE in OpenADR Alliance, leveraging established DR member alliance to create an industry solution for TE.

    Plans and Publications
    Team lead
    Rolf Bienert

    OpenADR Alliance
    The Energy Mashup Lab

    PowerMatcher IoT

    • Demonstrate the benefits to the US electric grid of a market approach using PowerMatcher.

    Plans and Publications
    Team lead
    William Miller

    SUNY/Buffalo State
    Rowan State


    A participating organization is one that has joined (communicated required information via the Join page, and also participating in some team effort). Participant names are followed by short summaries of participant interests in the Challenge, and pdf links (when available) introduce the organization ideas and experience relative to the Challenge. Perhaps there is another organization with interests similar to yours and a team effort can be formed around that mutual interest to advance TE and the goals of the TE Challenge.

    • ABB - Market-based Transactive Exchanges, Control of Distributed Energy Resources, Local Grid Management, and Coordination between Centralized and Distributed Resources
    • Alliander -
    • Alstom -
    • Bluewave Resources -
      Structuring of retail power markets and their value chain integration including with wholesale.
    • Businovation - Resilient and Fault Tolerant Distributed Energy Systems through Transactive Energy. Modeling of grid-Interactive EVs.
    • Caltech Resnick Institute -
      TE theoretical and applied research on markets+controls and practice related to industry structural changes based on architectural considerations and policy and business factors.
    • Carnegie Mellon University -
      Reference grid and scenarios to enable grid simulations for TE. Exercise CMU DyMonDs simulation platform to understand TE impact on grid operations.
    • CGI - Business and policy models which are critical success factors to the deployment of TE
    • CleanSpark - Distributed, secure, opensource/commercially-compatible software package to allow systems of microgrids to share power
    • Dartmouth - Multi-Agent System Transactive Energy Control Architecture for Microgrids; implement in hardware & software.
    • DOE GWAC -
      Leading the way through TE conferences and white papers to understand the value of TE.
    • Edison Electric Institute -
    • The Energy Mashup Lab -
      Common infrastructure and architecture for transactive interoperation and energy agents.
    • EPRI -
    • Geli -
      Control and Optimization of DERs
    • General Microgrids -
      Modeling and design of smart microgrids
    • Hershey - Analyze TE systems and compare performance and costs
    • IBM Research -
    • MaCT -
      Provide bridging of various protocols for data sharing and analysis for TE system
    • MIT - Develop dynamic market mechanism for microgrid models; implement in software and hardware.
    • MITRE -
    • Navigant - Coordination and control modeling to demonstrate value of transactive energy (TE) to utilities.
    • NEMA - to assist in developing Transactive Energy standards
    • NIST - We want to see TE modeling and simulation tools advance, collaboration increase, and understanding of TE approaches grow.
    • OATI -
      Convergence of TE framework and the emerging DSO/DSP constructs, including existing regulatory barriers and possible solutions, available technologies, and required interfaces among transacting parties.
    • Oklahoma University -
      Design for control of robust, resilient, adaptable complex systems to facilitate the integration between smart grids and various types of buildings.
    • Pepco Holdings, Inc. -
    • PNNL -
    • Rowan University -
      Work with ISO/IEC/IEEE P21451-1 Standard development for Network Capable Application Processors aligns well with the underlying fabric of smart, energy-aware devices communicating using well-defined protocols.
    • Siemens -
    • SUNY/Buffalo State -
    • Tata Consultancy Services -
      Modeling of markets, electric networks, DSO approach, conflicting participant objectives, and green energy promotion
    • TEMIX, Inc -
      TE Retail Energy & Distribution Tariffs. TE retail subscriptions, spot transactions, & business/ regulatory model.
    • TNO -
    • University of Maryland -
    • Vanderbilt University -
      Modeling & Analysis of SmartGrid, TE approaches, Communication Network, Cyber Threats, and Grid Stability

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