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OSCAL Stakeholders

Our stakeholders are segmented, as is our industry, into constituencies with various needs.

How OSCAL Supports Your Role

Please decide which roles you fit into, then go from there.

  • Security Professionals -- You are responsible for documenting security controls and how they are applied within a system.
  • Assessors -- You are responsible for assessing security-related information produced by others.
  • Tool Developers -- You build tools and utilities to help other players, enabling them to do more work more consistently, thoroughly, accurately and easily.
  • Policy Authors -- You write policy documents (catalogs or profiles/baselines/overlays) defining, characterizing and customizing security controls for others to use.

Get Involved

We are seeking more collaboration with our community. If you have questions about getting involved, please contact us.

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This page was last updated on April 22, 2021.