Spectrum - Part of the NeXL X-ray Microanalysis Library

Installing NeXLSpectrum.jl

NeXLSpectrum is available throught the standard Julia registry and can be installed using the standard package manager.

julia> ]add NeXLSpectrum


julia> using Pkg
julia> Pkg.add("NeXLSpectrum")

Microanalytical X-ray Spectrum Analysis

NeXLSpectrum is a library of tools for manipulating EDS spectrum within the NeXL framework. NeXLSpectrum depends on NeXLUncertainties, NeXLCore and NeXLMatrixCorrection and loading NeXLSpectrum will also make these libraries available.

Primarily, NeXLSpectrum

  • Implements the Spectrum type to represent individual EDS spectra
    • Reads Spectrum objects from disk files (or other streams) in EMSA, Bruker and ASPEX formats
    • Writes Spectrum objects to a disk file in EMSA format
  • Provides utilities and other low level tools to interogate and manipulate Spectrum objects
  • Implements the HyperSpectrum type to represent hyper-spectra (linescan, image, cube, ...)
    • The individual pixels in a hyper-spectrum are visible as Spectrum objects
    • Reads HyperSpectrum objects from LISPIX-style RPL/RAW files
    • Writes HyperSpectrum objects to RPL/RAW files
  • Provides data types to define detector properties
  • Extends Gadfly.jl to plot spectra and spectrum-related items
  • Provides algorithms to perform Schamber-style filter-fitting of spectra
    • Implements a basic weighted LLSQ fit algorithm
      • Fits characteristic, escape, Compton and other features
    • Implements a 'vector-based' quick-quant algorithm for processing hyper-spectra