Developing Trust Frameworks to Support Identity Federations: Public Draft Open for Comments!

Welcome to the NIST IR 8149 Public Draft! We’re excited to share this publication with you and to work collaboratively to make this a valuable resource for organizations interested in identity federation and trust frameworks.

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Note to Reviewers

The formal feedback period for this document is 30 days, running from October 3rd until November 1st, 2016. We welcome comments and feedback on the document. Using GitHub to solicit and address your comments allows us to adopt an iterative and transparent approach to revising the document. We prefer to receive your comments via GitHub (see “How to Submit Your Comments”) instead of via emails with attached files. However, we do recognize that some people would prefer to submit their comments using this more traditional method. Those wishing to do so can send their comments to In the interest of streamlining the management of all comments, though, we will be posting any comments received via email to GitHub ourselves, while protecting the anonymity of the submitters. Click here to see what others have already been saying about the document.

We appreciate your taking the time to review our draft NISTIR and look forward to receiving your comments and feedback.