Workplace Map Govern

Welcome to the draft NIST AI Risk Management Framework (AI RMF) Playbook – a companion resource for the AI RMF.

The Playbook includes suggested actionsSuggested Playbook actions are not intended to be comprehensive, but instead provide foundational perspectives on trustworthy and responsible AI concepts and practices to date. To remain non-prescriptive, suggestions are specific but not too granular., referencesSuggested references for additional reading are informational only and intended to serve as a sampling from the available literature on the given topic or subtopic area., and documentation guidanceGuidance for transparency efforts can be used by organizations to consider and document their AI risk management activities. for stakeholders to achieve the outcomes for “Map” and “Govern” – two of the four proposed functions in the AI RMF. Draft material for the other two functions, Measure and Manage, will be released at a later date.

This draft Playbook is being released to allow interested parties the opportunity to comment and contribute to the first complete version, to be released in January 2023 with the AI RMF 1.0. The Playbook is an online resource and will be hosted temporarily on GitHub Pages.

NIST welcomes feedback on this draft Playbook.